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Supporting musicians to promote their music and their art through live concerts and live streams in a unique covid-free environment.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has affected the future and income of musicians, mainly by cancelling planned physical concerts, performances, future CD releases and tours.
The dynamics of the music industry have changed profoundly, focusing on web content production, such as livestream concerts and social media events, to find new ways to stay connected with their fans and, in the process, open up to a new and wider audience.
The 10 Livestream AbaConcert project offers musicians the opportunity to perform again and reach local and international audiences through the world and magic of livestreaming.

Past Events

Latin / Pop / Reggaetón

Siddhartha El Primero

19 Mar 2021
Starts 20:00

Siddhartha El Primero portrait photo

Hard Bop Jazz

Max Jendly

20 Mar 2021
Starts 20:00

Max Jendly portrait photo


Duo Pasquier und Flückiger

26 Mar 2021
Starts 20:00

Duo Pasquier und Flückiger portrait photo

Swiss Pop / Jazz


27 Mar 2021
Starts 20:00

bconnected portrait photo

Lyrischer Jazz

Müller Kramis Baschnagel

10 Apr 2021
Starts 20:00

Müller Kramis Baschnagel portrait photo

Jazz Funk Fusion


16 Apr 2021
Starts 20:00

Journeys portrait photo

Jazz / Pop

Balzan Silvestri Choice

17 Apr 2021
Starts 20:00

Balzan Silvestri Choice portrait photo

Contemporary Jazz

Gerry López feat. Florian Favre

24 Apr 2021
Starts 20:00

Gerry López feat. Florian Favre portrait photo

Swing & Singers

L’orchestre des jeunes jazzistes de Fribourg

01 May 2021
Starts 20:00

L’orchestre des jeunes jazzistes de Fribourg portrait photo

Jodeln / Worldmusic / Acoustic Pop

Christina Zurbrügg Quintett

08 May 2021
Starts 20:00

Christina Zurbrügg Quintett portrait photo

Pop / Rock

Joya Marleen

28 May 2021
Starts 20:00

Joya Marleen portrait photo

Reggae / Blues / Soul

The Green Experience

04 Jun 2021
Starts 20:00

The Green Experience portrait photo

Funky Soul Blues / Afro

Justina Lee Brown

18 Jun 2021
Starts 20:00

Justina Lee Brown portrait photo

Afro / Blues / Funky

Claudia Masika Quintett

02 Jun 2022
Starts 20:00

Claudia Masika Quintett portrait photo

Rock / Blues / Jazz / Funk

Blues Trio No Message

09 Sep 2022
Starts 17:30

Blues Trio No Message portrait photo

Latin / Caribbean

Fama Cubana

09 Sep 2022
Starts 19:30

Fama Cubana portrait photo

Perubian / Jazz / Cuban / Latin

Ivonne Gonzalez et César Correa

23 Sep 2022
Starts 17:30

Ivonne Gonzalez et César Correa portrait photo

Reggae, Rock, Soul

The Green Experience

23 Sep 2022
Starts 19:30

The Green Experience portrait photo

Blues / Funk / Rock

Lee Mayal & Friends

25 Nov 2022
Starts 17:30

Lee Mayal & Friends portrait photo

Jazz / Swing / Bebop / Modern Jazz

Luigi’s friends feat. Chico Freeman & Sandy Patton

25 Nov 2022
Starts 19:30

Luigi’s friends feat. Chico Freeman & Sandy Patton portrait photo

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